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Cardiology.org is a web site maintained by the Clinical Exercise Physiology Consortium. The consortium is led by Dr. Ashley, Dr. Myers and Dr. Froelicher. Non-funded research and educational opportunities for pre-medical, medical, and post-medical US and International graduates are available through Stanford. The Stanford requirements for visiting scholars must be met including verification of external funding.


The Heart Failure Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Consortium - The Heart Failure CPX Consortium is a collaborative group including Stanford, Virginia Commonwealth University, the LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Greensboro, the Palo Alto VA Hospital, the University of Milano and others.

Slides For Teaching

Exercise and Health — This lecture provides a comprehensive review of the risk and benefits of exercise. 

Preventing Cardiovascular Athletic deaths — This lecture focuses on the causes of athletic deaths and strategies to prevent them.

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NEW: Video of Electrode Placement for performing a ECG

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Clinical Exercise Physiology Consortium locations

  1. Inherited CV Disease Clinic at Stanford more info...
  2. The Human Performance Lab at Stanford Sportsmedicine more info...
  3. The Palo Alto VA Exercise/ECG Lab more info...

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