Heart Failure CPX Consortium

The Heart Failure CPX Consortium is a non-funded, non-sponsored collaborative group including the Virginia Commonwealth University, the LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Greensboro, the Palo Alto VA Hospital, the University of Milano, San Paolo Hospital, Wake Forest University, and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and Stanford University. The collaborators are conducting ongoing studies designed to optimize the application of CPX to predict outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure. In recent years, the group has published studies reinforcing the value of directly measured ventilatory gas exchange responses to exercise in predicting risk in patients with CHF, and demonstrated a primary role of ventilatory efficiency in risk stratification. Additional studies have been published on the many nuances related to CPX, including technical issues, diastolic dysfunction, obesity, pulmonary hypertension, scoring systems, and others. The members of the consortium have contributed to numerous guidelines developed by many of the major orgainizations.

Selected Papers



  • Determining the Preferred Percent-Predicted Equation for Peak Oxygen Consumption in Patients With Heart Failure, Arena, Myers, et al.