Books and Chapters

Essentials of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Essentials of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing is a reference for clinicians specializing in exercise testing and sports medicine. It is also a supplemental text for students in exercise testing and cardiopulmonary physiology, and a guide for individuals preparing for American College of Sports Medicine certification.

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Manual of Exercise Testing

Manual of Exercise Testing is in it's third edition released November 2006. It concentrates on standard exercise ECG testing with chapters dealing with methodology, interpretation and the special applications. There are case examples with complete averaged exercise ECGs, coronary angiograms and other images (see Mosby site).

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Exercise And The Heart

Exercise And The Heart, 5th Edition by Froelicher and Myers was released April, 2006. It is a reference on clinical aspects of exercise testing and training, for students and professionals in settings such as exercise laboratories, cardiac rehabilitation departments, and educational programs. Coverage includes basic exercise physiology, exercise testing methodology, interpretation of hemodynamic responses and ECG responses, diagnostic and prognostic application of exercise testing, exercise testing of Heart Failure patients and the effect of exercise on the heart and the prevention of coronary heart disease. This edition retains reference to the classic studies but includes ciitations to 2006.

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The Handbook of Exercise Testing

The Handbook of Exercise Testing explains the basics of exercise physiology, reviews how to conduct the test and interpret the results, and examines the diagnostic and prognostic applications of exercise testing. Key points at the end of each section reinforce the essentials.

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The Handbook of Exercise Testing (Japanese Version)

Authorized translation of the first English edition. By Medical Science International Ltd. , Tokyo

Handbook of Ambulatory Cardiology

Handbook of Ambulatory Cardiology This practical, concise guide concentrates on common conditions rather than rare diseases or unusual presentations of common diseases. The basic methods of patient evaluation are stressed. The first chapter introduces the ADVISE approach that is used throughout the handbook. Following the step-wise approach, Chapter Two covers the medical history and physical exam. Chapter Three outlines the ECG and the chest X-ray, and Chapter Four covers the other tests. Chapter Five presents the diagnosis and management of specific disorders grouped under the five key features. The Addendum includes extensive charts on differential diagnosis of basic symptom presentations associated with the key features.

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