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Consensus Approach to predicting Angiographic Coronary Artery Disease

Enter patient age:   years old
Enter patient weight in lbs:   lbs.
Enter patient height in inches:   in.
Male or Female?
Symptoms of CAD?
Patient has Diabetes? Yes  No
Patient currently taking Estrogen? Yes  No
Has Patient Experienced Menopause? Yes  No
Family history of CAD? Yes  No
History of Hypercholesterolemia? Yes  No
History of Hypertension? Yes  No
Patient currently Smoking? Yes  No
Enter number of pack years
Rest ECG
Enter Resting ST Depression in mm
Exercise Angina?
Enter the Maximum amount of ST depression in either Exercise or Recovery
Slope at the point of maximum ST depression
Enter a value for METs:
Enter patient's Maximum Heart Rate:  
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