What is Cardiology.org?

Cardiology.org is a web site associated with the Clinical Exercise Physiology Consortium at Stanford and the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Medical Center. It’s purposes are educational and to let people know about us, what we have done and what is going on now. The consortium includes Dr. Euan Ashley, Dr. Jon Myers, PhD, Dr Jeff Christle PhD, Dr Matt Wheeler, Dr Marco Perez, Dr Francois Haddad and Dr. Vic Froelicher.

Non-funded research and educational opportunities for pre-medical, medical, and post-medical US and International graduates are available through Stanford. The Stanford requirements for visiting scholars must be met including verification of external funding.

This website is not endorsed by any institution or organization. It is maintained, managed and reviewed by Drs Froelicher and Myers who do their best to provide accurate information and helpful teaching tools. Your comments are appreciated.

The contents of the website are listed above and described below:

  1. Slides – these are some of our favorites and are in the process of being updated. You are welcome to use them. They are in pdf format for size and convenience but they can easily be adapted. It would be appreciated if you mention their source if you use them. If you find errors or make improvements we’d appreciate hearing about them.
  2. Projects – Our past completed projects are described including the major findings along with some of the derived papers.
  3. Publications – This takes you to our Stanford Academic Profile website where all of our publications are listed along with citation info and an abstract.
  4. Tools – these are a mixture of some of our own calculators and scores along with popular ones that are widely recommended.
  5. About Us – describes our physical plan and activities.

Here is a Link to our popular video for learning proper electrode placement for ECG recording and for your enjoyment play the Musical Version

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